Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to some of the most common questions regarding Super Sires. If you don't find your answer here, please feel free to contact us directly via email or telephone (765-744-7363.)
The mission of the Super Sires is to foster Non-Pro riders of all skill level in all competitions recognized by the National Snaffle Bit Association (NSBA) and to support the breeding of quality bloodlines. The Super Sires will showcase the offspring of this exclusive stallion program in competition for Non-Pro, Limited and Open riders as defined in the NSBA handbook. Significant cash and prizes shall be awarded with Stallion Position Enrollment funds allocated to the participants.
Q: How did Super Sires get started?
A: A few horsemen came together to create a program to promote stallions with superior bloodlines while rewarding Non-Pros with large purses and giving mare owners a great way to market their foals. It has evolved and expanded thanks to the selfless and innovative thinkers behind the scenes.

Q: How can I get my stallion on the list of Super Sires?
A: Easy enough.... if you own 50% or more of the stallion,  just fill out the Stallion Application and return it to the address listed. The Executive Committee reviews each application and takes a vote, if the majority votes "yes", then once the enrollment fees are paid, your stallion becomes a Super Sire. Visit the FORMS  page and check out the Stallion Application and Bylaws for more information.

Q: If my stallion is accepted as a Super Sire after application, is there a way to make foals from earlier crops eligible?
A: Yes! On the Super Sires STALLION APPLICATION, there are options to grandfather previous foal crops.

Q: Is my foal eligible to compete in a Super Sires class?
A. If your foal was sired by a stallion that was an active Super Sire in the program you wish to enter (Western Pleasure or Hunter Under Saddle) during your foal's year of conception, the answer is YES.
However, before entry, each foal must be nominated into the appropriate program.
*The exception in 2019 and 2020 being the Hunter Under Saddle Non-Pro Yearling Longe-Line class. This is open to yearlings sired by an active (2019 in 2019 and 2020 in 2020) Hunter Under Saddle Super Sire.

Q: Is there any "cross-over" in the programs? In other words, can I enter my foal in a Super Sires Hunter Under Saddle class if their sire was a Western Pleasure Super Sire (not a HUS Super Sire) during the year of conception?
A. The answer is No.  A stallion owner chooses to be in the Super Sires Western Pleasure Program, the Super Sires Hunter Under Saddle Program OR both. Your foal would only be eligible for nomination and entry into the Super Sires Western Pleasure Program.

Q: How do I nominate my eligible foal to a Super Sires Program?
A: Simply download the appropriate nomination form (Western Pleasure or Hunter Under Saddle) from either the FORMS  page or your foals sire page. Complete and return with payment and your foal is now eligible for entry into the corresponding Super Sires Program classes.

Q: Where does the purse money come from that is paid out each year?
A: Stallion owners pay an enrollment fee each year. 100% of that enrollment fee is set aside to be used in purses specifically for foals that are products of that breeding (conception) year. For example: in 2019, the enrollment fees collected in the Super Sires Hunter Under Saddle Program will be paid out in 2021 (Yearling class) and 2023 (3YO classes.)
A portion of the purses as well as many awards and prizes are also provided by Super Sires SPONSORS .

Q: Who makes the decisions regarding Super Sires? Like, where to host events and what classes to have?
A: Super Sires has an Executive Committee made up of industry professionals with many combined years of experience and a passion for the industry. They are all well established horsemen and women who take nothing in return for their time or ideas. They meet at least once a month via conference call and a couple times a year in person to discuss new ideas to build Super Sires and in turn give back to the horsemen and women committed to the industry through breeding and showing.
You can learn more about the Executive Committee on the ABOUT page.

Q: Are classes NSBA approved?
A: YES! All Super Sires classes are NSBA approved! All earnings are reported to NSBA for recognition and recording.

Q: Question? Send us your question and we'll be sure to post it here.