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A Touch Of Sudden
Western Pleasure Super Sire
Foals eligible from breeding years:
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1999 Bay Stallion
A Sudden Impulse x MS Satin Classic by Hotrodders Jet Set
Owned by Tony Wood

World Champion Sire
Res. World Champion Sire
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Tom Powers Triple Challenge Futurity Stallion Trust
Western Pleasure Super Sires
Iowa Quarter Horse Breeders Futurity
Illinois Quarter Horse Breeders Futurity

Super Sire Stallion Service Sale
A Touch Of Sudden is not an active Super Sire.
No breeding is available.
Standing at:
Woods & Sons
78 Chickasaw St
Rudd, IA 50471 U.S.A
(641) 420-4686

Nominated Foals by A Touch of Sudden

Purse Year
Foaling Date
Registered Name
Reg #(s)
2012 2013 Touch My Potential AQHA 5603845 G Miss Zip Potential
2013 2014 Touchin Hot Chex AQHA 5651071 M CJ Hot N Chexy
2013 2014 Yikes Justa Touch PHBA/AQHA 5629750 M Golden Pine Chex
2013 2014 Oh Kaye Touch Me AQHA 5621633 M Good N Green
2013 2014 Im Fun Sized AQHA 5658030 G Laced With Chex
2014 2015 Justa Touch To Much AQHA 5717680 S Anita Good Bar
2014 2015 Pending AQHA   G BSB Glow In The Dark
2014 2015 Touch In Glow AQHA 5732473 M BSB Glow In The Dark
2014 2015 Touch N Go Show AQHA 5699022 S Divalicious
2014 2015 Touch Me Touch Me AQHA 5701577 M Ms Flashy Chip
2014 2015 Dew Not Touch AQHA 5717302 S Radical Roxanne
2015 2016 Pending AQHA   S Shy But Interested
2016 6/1/2017 Touch Don’t Chute AQHA 5818873 S Chip Of Honey Bunny
2016 3/6/2017 Pending APHA   S Laced In Flames
2016 2/26/2017 Don’t Touch My Tuf APHA/AQHA/Pinto 5835301/1076837 M My Zippos Dirty
2016 ??/??/2017 Pending AQHA   M Spittin Diamonds
2016 5/3/2017 Suddenly Classy APHA  1072555 M Tufs Classy Norfleet
2016 2017 TZ Touch of Krymsun AQHA 5807534 M TZ Livin On A Prayer
2017 5/3/2018 Too Fancy To Touch AQHA 5897061 M Ment A Te

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